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Official Newsletter - Issue 2016-008 - Monday, 31 October 2016



Through the past number of months now we have had growing pains that have been obvious and it should also be obvious that we have been working hard to satisfy everyone.

One of those issues people were having was the delivery of the YOCoins after the maturity date of your YOCoin epins. Since we started, we have been manually delivering the YOCoins to all the members weekly. As you can imagine once the membership numbers started to rise, this became a very large and daunting task to handle. And as you know, any manual process is bound to create errors.

Today we bring you extremely good news that we have automated the entire delivery process of your YOCoins. It takes it out of our hands and puts your coin delivery, 100% in your control. You decide when you want to take delivery from the back office to your YOC wallet and you tell us where to deliver them.

We have created a demonstration video that shows you exactly how to it and you can watch that here:

If you are still missing YOCoins from epin purchases that were never delivered, please email and we will promptly respond and help anyone that is missing their purchase immediately.

Automating Commission Payouts…

The development team at YOCoin has been hard at work with automating the entire epin purchase system and commission payouts as well. The first part of this will be the commission payout system which is where we have been having some of our largest challenges for a number of reasons.

Let us explain…

We have over 70,000 people that get commission payouts weekly. Up until this point all of these commissions have been handled manually, 70,000 paid members 4 times a month is a lot of effort to handle.

This means the waiting periods between transactions is a struggle because transferring Bitcoin to another wallet has delays to confirm which we make sure is handled every time before we move to our next commission payment. We have had to have a lot of BTC wallets and a lot of staff to be able to accomplish these payouts so far. Luckily we have almost completed the automated commission payments system so that going forward we don’t have to be concerned with lag times and delays and everyone will be paid exactly what they have earned on time, every time.

This will be a large accomplishment for our team and it has taken the longest out of all of our developments.

We will announce this release the day we bring it online. Once that is online and working well we will turn our immediate focus to any outstanding and missed commission payments so that everyone is brought up to date.

You can expect this all to happen within the next 14 days.

Are You Ready for the Chinese Expansion?

As you probably know, we have a number of members in China right now but the potential for so much more growth is still waiting for us. Our biggest contacts from China recognized this and advised us that we should be building a complete system in the Chinese language so that we could attract the masses. As we always listen to what our members want, we moved forward in creating this.

In less than a week’s time the doors will fully open to everyone in China and we see the massive potential we have as being an active part in the evolution of cryptocurrencies in the Chinese marketplace.

If you have contacts in China or know someone that does, you can now really give your commissions a large boost by introducing them to YOCoin.

The Largest YOCoin Event Yet!

It’s no surprise that YOCoin is growing rapidly and in certain countries a lot faster than others. Well Vietnam has really taken off and with the new corporate office now open in Vietnam and the extremely fast rising growth happening in that country we decided to host another event there. This time, the entire YOCoin executive team will be present and we already have over 1000+ expected visitors and the master distributors from every country will be in attendance!

Don’t miss out on this amazing time and learn about what else is in store for YOCoin in the coming year ahead.

Where: Vietnam

When: Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Venue: Trong Dong Palace, 72 Tran Dang Ninh Street, Cau Giay, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Time: 3pm Local Time

More information will be available in the central dashboard at

The YoAccelerator System is Almost Ready to Launch!

We know that we have been mentioning the YoAccelerator for a number of weeks now and that is for the simple fact that we absolutely love this business model and what it’s going to do for each and every one of our members in YOCoin. The major delay was getting everything from our new credit card merchant in order to automate and integrate the purchasing and commission payment systems into this additional business model. We should finally be able to release the YoAccelerator this upcoming week and we look forward to revealing that to all of you as well.


Do You Like Casino Games?

We have something very exciting to announce that we have kept a small secret from everyone and have been beta testing. It is a type of casino game.

This is called YoDice and it is similar to other dice games you may have seen for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This will be our very first casino game where our members can play YoDice for YOCoin and test your abilities in rolling the dice of chance.

This is an extremely popular game model that is used by millions globally and we are happy to be introducing it to our members in less than a weeks’ time.

Last but Not Least

We are extremely happy to announce that YoGOLD deliveries will commence later this week and all of you that purchased YoGOLD on the early bird purchase are going to be extremely happy over the next few weeks.

REMEMBER: YoGOLD pays 10% commissions to anyone that promotes YoGOLD to their downlines for life! Cryptocurrency mining is incredibly lucrative if you do it properly and our team knows and understands the best ways to achieve this! If you promote YoGOLD you earn 10% of their production every single month for the life of this opportunity. That could results in a great secondary income for you.

Watch for our next newsletter as we start commencing these roll outs and making more great progress.

That’s all there is for this week’s updates. Stay tuned for more later this week.

Please pass this newsletter to your upline and downline so we know that everyone received this update.

Here’s to Your Success!


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